Three ways to style your JC African Waist Beads

Three ways to style your JC African Waist Beads

What’s the deal with wearing African waist beads? Most people prefer to display their beautiful beads with a crop top or bra in the US and the West. Joeanna’s Collection waist beads can be worn under your clothes or shown on your bare waist. The choice is yours.

Traditionally African women wore waist beads along the panty line under the clothes. The beads served physical and spiritual functions in their communities. 

African women usually tie their waist beads for permanent wear. They eat, bathe, sleep, and even swim in the beads. It’s a part of their everyday life. Tied beads are great if you’re monitoring your weight or are using them for spiritual reasons. 

Another option is the clasped bead which is better for temporary wear. The clasped beads are for occasional wearers. These are for the women that like to change their style. You should not wear clasped beads in water or while sleeping to maintain the clasp. 

So, you did your research on African waist beads. You learned about the many traditions of waist beads. You even bought a few beads from JC. And there’s just one problem now— You have no idea how to style the waist beads on your own. Allow us to help you out with three ways to style JC your beds.

  • Casual Style
  • Casual style is the most common way you’ll see the African waist beads worn in the US. The feminine collective loves to pair the JC Pure Royalty set with a pencil skirt and tucked-in top. The waist beads can add culture to your bikinis, low-waist jeans, or bodycon tube dress. You can jazz up a cream crop top and biker shorts with JC Citrine or African Turquoise beads

  • Boho/ Romantic Gypsy style 
  • Fierce yet soft and feminine. Imagine flower child meets African goddess type of vibes when tailoring this look. You will need to add traditional metal charms to the waist beads to pull off this look. 

    You can pair your JC Blue Evil Eye, Allegra, or  Revolution beads with a long, flowy skirt or dress with some cute ankle boots. The JC Crystal Butterfly 2 and the Daisy are also good additions to your Boho/ romantic gypsy look too.

  • Chic Style 
  • Boho/ romantic gypsy, not your thing? Then you can dress up your beads using fashion-forward colors with carefully chosen bead combinations. You can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit adorned with the JC Mixed ChicSunkistKrystal Bar Gold, or Electra gold beads. Mix and match textures with your chic styles as well. Leather and denim or silk and velvet are all acceptable choices in this style.