5 benefits to Wearing African Waist Beads

5 benefits to Wearing African Waist Beads

It may seem like African waist beads recently took the world by storm. Rest assured that African waist beads are far more than a fast-fashion trend. They actually have a rich history and culture dating back to the 15th century. Waist beads serve many purposes, from celebrating a girl's journey into womanhood to communicating a woman's social status. This body jewelry is undoubtedly a treasure that offers benefits beyond its looks. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of wearing African waist beads:

  • Tracking Weight Loss
  • African waist beads do not stretch or shrink. They remain the same length from the beginning. This means that the waist beads travel down the waist as the person loses weight. Alternatively, they also move up the waist when they gain weight. African waist beads serve as an instant measuring tool that is always working. This is why it's essential to measure your waist beads correctly in the beginning.

  • Better Posture
  • African waist beads keep wearers aware of how they sit, stand, and breathe. The beads fit differently depending on the person's position. The beads will feel tight or display awkwardly when the person is slouching or in an angled position. A simple readjustment to your posture can fix any misplaced waist beads. Sit up straight and show off those wonderful waist beads everywhere. 

  • Boost Confidence and Feminine Energy
  • Jewelry is meant to enhance beauty, precisely what African waist beads do by drawing attention to a woman's curves. It's no secret that when you look good, you feel good as well. Our customers couldn't agree with this more. The placement of beautiful African waist beads boosts confidence. Women feel more in tune with their bodies and feminine energy as the beads hoover around the womb.

  • Enhance Spiritual Connection
  • African waist beads have a long-standing history that includes spiritual practices. Some women enhance their waist beads with crystals, charms, or essential oils for protection or prosperity. Spiritual women use the waist beads to connect with their wombs throughout the day and during meditation.

  • Waist Training 
  • African waist beads are much easier to breathe in than a corset, and they are certainly much prettier too. Ghanian women have always been praised for their womanly shapes of tiny waists and wide hips thanks to waist beads. Much like a corset, African waist beads make the wearer aware of everything involving their waist. The beads will tighten and/or rise when the waistline expands. This expansion can be from weight gain or a full belly. Either way, the waist beads are on alert at all times when there are changes in your waist.